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Alberta Landlords – Give Christmas Gifts To Good Tenants?

December 15th, 2013 · 129 Comments · Alberta Landlords, Property Management

 Alberta landlords gifts for good tenants

This Is a Question Even Experienced, Successful and Experienced Landlords Seem To Disagree On

There as a terrific question posted recently at the Alberta Landlords forum.

The question asked whether or not experienced landlords bought their tenants any gifts for the Christmas season.

At first it might seem like a simple question with an easy answer. Except the question also contained a poll with two options:


The votes for this answer were 107.


The votes for this answer were 105.

The Vote Was Just About Split Evenly

The vote was nearly 50-50.

Memories of the 2000 U.S. election between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

But we don’t have Supreme Court to rule on this one.

With more and more people taking advantage of the opportunity to become a landlord in Alberta it’s an important question to help landlords succeed.

What’s the Answer?

Smart, experienced landlords didn’t agree on the answer. And there were answers from landlords all over Canada, from BC landlords to the East Coast.

Yes, It’s A Good Idea To Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Good Tenants

Some landlords said it was a great way to create a strong and positive relationship with their tenants.

A landlord in Kingston, Ontario decided to buy some gifts for her tenant’s kids.

A Fan Of Income Property Gave Her Opinion

Most of us have seen the HGTV show “Income Property“.

A fan of the show said Scott McGillivray of Income Property advised her and other landlords to show their appreciation to good tenants.

She said Scott said a hand-written Christmas card and a bottle of wine would lead to your tenants appreciating you and showing more respect and care for your rental property.

No Way! Don’t Buy Any Gifts

Others said they would never buy gifts.

One experienced landlord stated that by giving gifts you could create an expectation that somehow there should be a reward for holding up their contractual obligation.

One Ontario landlord worried some of her tenants don’t celebrate Christmas and it could lead to a Human Rights claim against her.

She wrote ” I heard a complaint from a Muslim tenant that his holidays should also be recognized with gifts.”

She added:  “Online I read an article from an atheist about not wanting Christmas gifts.

Although I suspect the majority of tenants would appreciate a gift, I’m not about to try to figure out who would be happy and who would be offended.”

Gift Buying

What do you think?

Experienced landlords what do you do every Christmas?  New landlords will you buy Christmas gifts for your good tenants?

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