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Alberta Landlords Tenant Screening: GARDA Credit Checks

February 17th, 2014 · 108 Comments · Alberta Landlords, credit checks

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GARDA Tenant Credit Checks Are a High Quality, Affordable Tool To Find Good Tenants. GO FOR IT!

Alberta landlords know the importance of renting to good tenants.

With our vacancy rate the lowest in Canada there are lots of great tenants out there.

More and more people are coming to Alberta to find jobs and put down roots.

Many newcomers rent for the first few years while saving up for a down-payment to buy their own house or townhouse.

These hard-working, exceptional tenants are often ideal tenants.

They want to make sure they save money, want to stay out of trouble, and want to make sure they work toward a high credit score.

There are also lots of ‘bad tenants’ who know how to manipulate the system

We have seen cases where landlords aren’t careful and rent to tenants who know how to manipulate the system.

In these cases, the landlords end up being out thousands of dollars in lost rent and damages.

Whether it’s a Calgary landlord who trusted someone or an Edmonton landlord who went with their ‘gut feeling’ to rent to someone wearing nice clothes and reciting a well-rehearsed speech.

These tenants are usually coming from Ontario where landlords face lots of challenges and many are getting out of residential rentals.

These tenants are out there, and they are looking to cheat small landlords….and you can avoid them!

How Can I Make Sure I Rent To Good Tenants?

Good tenants have a history of paying on time.

They also are building up their savings and credit score in order to buy their own homes in the future.

This means tenant credit checks are the key.

How Can I Conduct Credit Checks on Tenants in a Legal Way?

Unfortunately many landlords do credit checks on tenants the wrong way, the illegal way.

They do so by contacting a friend who is a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, works at the bank, or works an insurance brokerage or car dealership.

This is not legal and these landlords are breaking their tenant’s privacy rights.

If you do tenant credit checks this way you can get in trouble, and so can your friend or relative who is trying to help you.

How can you get in trouble?

1. Privacy

The tenant can file a privacy complaint against you with the provincial government

2. Equifax Policies

If you are authorized you can only do checks for your specific and listed clients.

Your friend who did the credit check for you can get his or her company blacklisted by Equifax.

What is GARDA?

Garda is recognized as a leader in background screening in Canada.

What Information Do I Get From A GARDA Credit Check?

1.         You get a credit score.

2.         You get confirmation of past and previous employment.

3.         You get information on past addresses (the ‘real’ landlords)

4.         You get a complete financial history.

5.         You can see if anyone is ‘chasing’ them for unpaid bills.

It’s a terrific price for a terrific service that can save you thousands of dollars.

Invest in Your Rental Business and Guarantee Your Rental Business Succeeds

For members of the Alberta Landlords Association, GARDA tenant credit checks are only $12 / check.

Want to avoid professional tenants and rent to good tenants?

You now have a way to look into your potential tenant’s financial history for only $12 / check. 

Go For It!

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