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Calgary Landlord Finds Marijuana Grow-Op In The Basement Of His Rental Property

May 1st, 2014 · 2 Comments · Calgary landlord, credit checks, Tenant screening

 Calgary Landlord Finds Marijuana Grow-Op In The Basement Of His Rental Property

Alberta Landlord Sues Tenants For Damages Over $100,000!

Over the past few weeks we’ve read a lot about the challenges facing six B.C. landlords who have faced tenants who lie to landlords to get accepted and after they move in they don’t pay a cent of rent.

It’s a must-read story from CBC news about these serial bad tenants. It’s even got these British Columbia landlords calling for a bad-tenant registry.

This couple has a well-prepared story and has a knack to get small landlords to avoid conducting tenant credit checks as part of their screening process (a big mistake as they have learned).

It’s a good warning call for landlords everywhere.

Bad Tenants Close to Home

Unfortunately there is another must-read story from CBC news regarding the situation in Alberta.

It’s about a Calgary Landlord who found his tenants decided to build a marijuana grow-op in his rental.

The damages from the grow-op are more than $100,000!

Background Story

The landlord is Steve Habbi.

He put up a rental ad online and a couple of tenants replied in 2010. The couple seemed very ‘nice’ and very ‘enthusiastic’ to rent the property with their son who liked the elementary school just across the street from the rental property.

Habbie like the couple, felt comfortable with them, and decided to rent to them.

Flash Forward A Year

Not even a year had passed and Habbi saw something had gone wrong.

While arriving home from a long day at work he saw what looked like a SWAT team assault on his rental home!

He saw police in full gear raiding the home because they found a pretty large scale grow-op in the property basement.

The Calgary police found over two hundred plants with a huge street value.

Tenants Charged

Eventually only one of the tenants was convicted and ordered to pay $10,000 in restitution.

The problem is Landlord Habbi’s losses are far more than just $10,000.

He is now having to sue the ex-tenants to try to recover his losses. It’s doubtful he will see any money from his former tenants/drug-dealers.

Tenant Credit Checks

The landlord thought he had done good tenant screening by checking the references the tenants provided.

This included an employment reference.

But it wasn’t good enough, as his damages of $105,000 and the two hundred pot plants in his rental prove.

Always include a tenant credit check as part of your tenant screening process.

A tenant credit check will show you current and past addresses of prospective tenants and a lot more.

Landlords who conduct credit checks get information far beyond a smile, a nice story and checking references.

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