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Alberta Landlords: You Can Make Sure You Rent To Great Tenants!

June 1st, 2014 · 3 Comments · Alberta Landlords, credit checks, Tenant Credit Check

 Alberta landlords rent to good tenants

With So Many Good Tenants Out There, Make Sure You Find Them And Avoid Pro Tenants!

Do Premium Tenant Credit Checks for Only $10/Check With No Annual Fee For Membership

“Migration to Alberta is exploding.” The report from Global News about the huge amount of migration to Alberta is exciting news for Alberta landlords who want to rent to great tenants.

According to the news report more than 43,000 people left the rest of Canada to come to Alberta.

This is the biggest province to province movement in nearly 25 years.

It increased the Alberta population by over 1%.

Great New For Alberta Landlords

This is great news if you are a Calgary landlord where a report report from the National Post said the the vacancy rate is only around 1%.

It’s also great news for Edmonton landlords or a landlords anywhere in the province because it means a lot of great people are coming to Alberta for jobs and many of them want to rent a house or apartment.

Amongst All These Good Tenants Are “Professional Tenants” Who Will Rip You Off

With all the good news landlords can let down their guard.

Yes, the majority of people calling you wanting to rent your property are going to be good tenants.

However, there is also a large number of “professional tenants” out there and this number is increasing as they come from other provinces to ours.

Last month we reported a story of a Calgary landlord who is having to sue his ex-tenants for starting a marijuana grow-op in his rental property. 

The landlord has lost over $100,000 because he rented to the wrong people.

Heed the warnings from BC landlords who have a recent case of serial bad tenants owing nearly ten landlords thousands of dollars.

And it’s important to look at what  is happening in Central Canada where Ontario landlords are doing credit checks on everyone interested in renting from them.

Unfortunately, many of these tenants are coming to Alberta.

How Can I Protect Myself From Bad Tenants?

It’s absolutely essential landlords do an Alberta landlord credit check as part of your tenant screening process.

How Can A Tenant Credit Check Help Me?

A credit check can offer the landlord a wealth of information on a tenant.

And the government allows landlords do conduct tenant credit checks in Alberta!

How Can Alberta Landlords Conduct Tenant Credit Checks?

There are a few associations that provide credit check services.

The Alberta Landlords Association is the best because they only charge a one-time fee for premium TVS credit checks for only $10/check.

TVS credit checks for $10/check is the landlord deal of a life-time!

What Albert Landlord Association Should I Join?

You should join the best Alberta landlord association with is the Alberta Landlords Association.

As a small landlord you need great documents and great tenant credit checks.  You also need an affordable membership fee!

Let’s compare the Alberta Landlords Associations:

1. Calgary Residential Rental Association

Membership is an annual fee of $145!

2. Edmonton Apartment Association

Membership is an annual fee of $100 per year!

3. Alberta Landlords Association

They only charge a one-time registration fee of $99! No annual fee! 

Start Conducting Amazing Credit Checks on Your Renters

And with that one-time fee you get documents, private membership forums and premium TVS credit checks for only $10/check compared to the non-member price of over $21/check!

You can do these premium credit checks from Equifax data from your own home or office computer, and get the credit check result within a minute!

You even get a toll-free number to use to help you get set up fast!

Alberta Landlords Make the Smart Decision and Save Money and Get the Best Landlord Services! 

Make sure you find great tenants and avoid the professional tenants.

By joining the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time fee you get a ton of great services including premium credit checks for only $10/check!

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