It’s important to understand the ins and outs of blackjack before wagering heavily, as gaining access to the secrets of blackjack allows you to win big money at any online casino.

The real secrets of playing blackjack

Efficient blackjack is not possible without a proven track record, but knowing the secrets allows you to stay in the blackjack game and maximize your chances of winning the casino gambling competition.

  • First of all, you need to stick to the chosen basic strategy and not to deviate from it, tempted to make the highest bet.
  • Control over yourself and your emotions – an important secret to achieving the cherished 21 points! The player should not bet an amount that is more than 5% of the money he has in his wallet. It is important to learn how to adjust the bet, to understand when it is worth raising and when it is worth lowering. Well, to learn the basic tricks of this risky game will help its free version in a reliable online casino.

Blackjack card counting

Any strategy in an exciting and addictive game of chance like blackjack is all about picking the winning combination of 21, and the secrets and unique principles of card counting will help you win big money. Furthermore, this approach can be used for all varieties of blackjack.

When playing blackjack online for free, you can be sure of not losing any real money. As for the virtual betting, you’ll acquire a valuable skill in counting the cards in a deck, which will allow you to beat the most experienced and attentive croupier in the future:

  • Cards in the deck should be mentally divided into 3 types: useful to the player (tens, aces, “pictures”), useful to the dealer (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s), neutral cards (7s, 8s, 9s);
  • If “high” cards are already in hand, the chance of getting a lower card increases, and vice versa;
  • The secret of blackjack is to count cards from zero: add or subtract a point each time a card is dealt from the deck (low card +1, high card -1, neutral – 0);
  • The higher the number of points, the better the chance of getting a good win, and if the sum of points doesn’t inspire confidence, it’s better not to bet too much.

Blackjack Rules

This game is a card competition between the player and the dealer, using chips to represent money. A player’s card combination where the sum of their values exceeds 21 points is considered a loser, that is, his bet goes bust. If such trouble happens to the dealer, then all bets made by the players remaining in the game will win. If at the end of the tournament, the player scores more points than the dealer, his bet is paid 1:1.

The term “Blackjack” itself is a combination of two winning cards that give a total of 21 points. The secret to beating the dealer is luck or the ability to get these cards during the virtual game. In this outcome, the player’s bet is paid 3:2, and the “components” of Blackjack are most often a combination of an ace and a “picture”, or an ace and a ten.

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