The Martingale strategy came to the world of sports betting from the casino. There, the players used it to be guaranteed to stay in the fold in betting on red / black. They always bet on one color and in case of defeat doubled the bet. After winning went back to the original bet.

In sports betting, the same principle works. This strategy is also called the strategy of catch-up. The player as if to catch up unsuccessful bet doubling the next one. And so until he overtakes and wins.

To use the strategy you need:

  • A rubber pot
    If the bank is limited, you shouldn’t mess with a catch-up strategy. A losing streak can drag on and bankrupt you. Prepare a reserve in advance for a long series of doubles.
  • Nerves of Steel
    A prolonged losing streak can provoke you to step away from the strategy and make a rash bet or stop doubling down. Any move to the side will leave you at a disadvantage.
  • The essence of the strategy
    Place a bet on an event with odds of 2. In the case of a loss, double the next bet.

Martingale. Is it an ideal strategy or a direct way to losing?

Multiple types of overtaking

Overtaking on totals

Catch the team, which from game to game breaks the total: either TB or TM. If the series of identical results drags on – it’s time to bet on the opposite one. Your bet has not come off? Double it and make the same on the next match of the same team. Remember that the odds of the total must be higher than 2x.

Soft Play-Off

A soft betting strategy allows you to bet on events even with odds less than 2. This is achieved by a proportional increase in the amount of the next bet in case of defeat.

The formula for calculating bets:

S= X+Y/K-1

  • S – the sum of the necessary bet.
  • X – the sum of the potential win from the first bet.
  • Y – the sum of all previous losses.
  • K – odds of the coming event.

If you want to bet on an event with odds 1,6 and you have already lost 7000 roubles, while your potential winnings from the first bet were 1000 roubles, then:

  • Next bet = 1000 + 7000/1,6-1 = 12667

If you make such a bet with odds 1.6, you will surely win back your previous losses and stay in the black by 1000r.

A soft overtake for odd/even

Even/Odd is the most stable pre-match event and is well suited for soft-play betting. The odds are always a little less than 2, and long series with the same result are always interrupted. Moreover, such series rarely last longer than ten events in a row. So this combination does not put much pressure on the pot.

The overturn in basketball

According to statistics, in a basketball game at least one of the quarters is won by the outsider. The odds on the outsider in each quarter are substantially greater than 2, so the overtake strategy fits perfectly. You just need to bet regularly and don’t forget to double the next bet in case of a loss. If the outsider has not won a single quarter in the game, bet on him in the next games.

Overtaking in hockey

In hockey, periods rarely end in a draw, and the odds on such outcomes are high. Bet on a draw and double up if you lose. This strategy is best used during major tournaments, such as the World Cup. There the cost of a mistake is high and draw periods happen more often.

Overtaking in Tennis

In tennis, it is a good idea to use the overturn in live mode. The score in games accumulates gradually, and a player can’t gain points without misfires. If one player starts winning, bet on his opponent: sooner or later he will get points. The odds are not bad, especially if you bet on the underdog. You can also bet not on points per game, but on games per set. If the odds do not reach 2, a soft overtake should be applied.

Martingale. An ideal strategy or a direct route to defeat?

It seems that there is nothing easier: make a bet and double it if you lose. All that remains is to wait for a positive outcome. And a guaranteed win is in your pocket.

There are a few things to keep in mind at all times.

The size of the payoff

Is the game worth the candle? The size of the winnings depends on the amount of the first bet. If it is big – the potential winnings are great. But doubling the bets will also require a significant infusion of funds into the playing pot. And if the first bet is a small one, is it worth spending so much time and effort for the sake of a tiny winnings.

Stock up on patience and money

Do not forget that winning by this strategy is guaranteed only in theory. In practice, there may not be enough money for a new bet. Or emotional bets will spoil the whole strategy.

Bookmaker limits

Even if you are happy with the winnings, and you have enough patience and money – do not rejoice. Bookmaker can introduce limits on your account at any time. Then you will not be able to make a bet and win back losses. To prevent the bookmaker from cutting your limits, bet by strategy at different bookmaker’s offices. This way bookmakers won’t be able to track the consistent increase in bets and won’t suspect anything.

Overall, the strategy is not bad. Guaranteed winnings – an undeniable plus. However, a long series of failures can ruin you. Try it on small amounts and hone your skills before moving on to serious bets.

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